What is Spirituality

What is Spirituality – The spirituality in you

Every person is unique and has its own unique view of life. The view on the definition of ‘spirituality’, for example, is not only different for everyone, but also works for everyone in a completely different way. You have undoubtedly come into contact with spirituality. The interesting thing is that it might be closer than you think.

What will you discover in this article:

  • I am spiritual
  • How can I become spiritual?
  • What can I achieve with spirituality?

If you check the history books, you will always find that religion and spirituality are connected in one way or another .

Regardless of what kind of detour you have made and are still becoming, these two subjects that have not been occupied intensively by the entire world population for centuries, still cross each other’s paths again and again.

Spirituality connects with the meaning ‘spirit’, which in Latin means ‘spirit’With this you quickly come to such a broad area of ​​developments and possibilities, in which unification is perhaps the most appropriate keyword.

To be able to make this even more crisp, you could also speak of becoming one with your own nature and the forces of nature of the Earth and the Universe . Connected to this are the many roads that lead to Rome, full of adventures and fantastic possibilities, which invite you to discover your spirituality.

The spirituality in you

You must have thought about it. Where does my intuition come from and how does it work. Why are you the one who then feels that you can do it differently and why is your environment not aware of this? Does coincidence really not exist and how does it work?

The meaning spiritual means your consciousness or soul and what it assumes that you are made up of much more than just your physical part – your human body. It assumes that there is also another reality, namely that your body is also constructed and consists of extremely refined billions of cells and molecules, namely the subtle body. In the article; What is a new age child and is it my child? is also written about this. It is still not entirely clear and it is all still difficult to define, however, in the coming years scientific techniques will enable this side of the story to better demonstrate how magnificent you are.

Fortunately, there are many ways and means of experiencing these physical aspects in a different way, so that you can discover your spiritual authenticity . The first two necessary steps for you in this are; step out of any fixed thinking and good contact with your body . In addition to your busy schedule, this requires discipline from you. The discipline to take the time for yourself every day and bring your thoughts back to zero for at least fifteen minutes to half an hour. You do this by fully focusing on your physical body, so that you can feel your body again.

By training your body consciousness or ‘grounding’, you can once again learn to experience your subtle material and spiritual body with everything connected to your spiritual system that you are much more. Your physical body is a fantastic antenna that your spiritual energy body works with.

So you are not only inextricably linked to spirituality, you are it!

Just like a baby after birth and over the months always comes to discover that it is present in a physical body. So the opposite direction. It is striking and very entertaining to see how a baby goes on a voyage of discovery and can react in astonishment if it has a hand or foot. A newborn baby is all spiritual consciousness and has nothing to do with a physical body. After birth, the realization and wonder comes over and over again over the months, which of course is hard work. Tasting, smelling, the sense of touch, that it also experiences pain stimuli and that you also have to learn to walk through a complicated and heavy physical and physical apparatus.

In short, if you start thinking about life and yourself through a spiritual perspective, a new world opens up for you.

Fortunately, you are in the middle of a time zone in which the many roads that lead to Rome do their best enormously. Mindfull life is spiritual life and you are offered a wide range of options on a salver. What do you think of; support to train your body awareness through, for example, the body scan – meditation technique – meditations, yoga, Tai Chi, reading, practicing astrology, silence weekends and training sessions. Simply move like walking and cycling in mindfulness. In short, working on rest, relaxation and not to mention a healthy lifestyle and diet . After all, the more natural your eating habits, the more powerful your spiritual, natural knowledge can flow again and your mind will be calmed.

Spirituality and intuition

Intuition is reading energy, feeling energy, smelling energy or hearing energy. You are connected with an energetic blueprint from the spiritual consciousness . When you ‘accidentally’ end up in a pleasant conversation with a stranger, your mind or spirituality automatically establishes contact with the ‘energetic fingerprint’ of the other person. You experience a feeling; it doesn’t feel good, or it feels good, or you even experience a feeling from your intuition that your conversation partner is not doing so well.

Everything and every being, every form of matter is imbued with a force and consists of energy. Just like you, because you are a spiritual individual . So you don’t have to become it. This all-encompassing energy is investigated time and time again through experiments in quantum physics, and each time it shows that all atoms and molecules in the universe are connected to each other. This is spiritual consciousness or pure science. Imagine: one atom consisting of specific properties, makes a movement on one side of the Earth, then the other atom, with the same properties on the other side of the Earth, also makes this movement. You are therefore one large walking, spiritual organism .

So you cannot learn spirituality, you already are. What you can do is become aware of it again and learn to cooperate with it again.

Through your intuition and therefore your spirituality you get all the information from the ripples of an energy field . These scientists call the bio-electric field. It is the same life force that is called “Chi or Qi” in China, “Prana” in India and “Mana” in Hawaii.

How do I get access to my spirituality again?

Just like everyone else, you long for a mindful and conscious life, where inner balance is of paramount importance. It is important to realize that this requires time . By actually opting for a life based on being spiritual, you irrevocably enter the peace, which means that you are facing a valuable, personal development. Pleasant old memories, as well as no pleasant situations from your past that you have not yet been able to devote well-deserved attention to yourself, appear.

Provide loving and professional guidance with everything you undertake.

Create space for yourself every day for complete attention for yourself and without yourself. In addition, it is important to realize that you are spiritual and that you really choose to resume this beautiful natural state of yourself. This will cause miracles. These come from your inner or your own force field. So be prepared to push your limits .

Do not look too far outside of yourself and be aware that it is precisely the small nuances in your daily life and work that you may practice. For example, count to ten if your colleague does not respond as you would like. Observe and make contact with your body and you will see that your inner spirituality, or knowing, gives the information so that you become calmer again.

Being able to face self-reflection and your own truth are important. Just like putting your ego aside – your fear and your own ideas and beliefs that determine your worldview. Becoming a student again and allowing you to flow wonderfully in your pioneering and beginner spirit are also of great importance in waking up your spirituality again.

Also be aware that the power of your thoughts is enormously strong . Your thoughts can both support and hinder the development of your spirituality, because your thoughts are a very great force in the universe. You create your reality with your thoughts. This reality can become so great that you draw the confirmations towards you from your spiritual magnetic field. This will close the door and they will cloud you.

Scientifically it can be shown that your beliefs even make a kind of trace in your physical brain. The wonderful thing is that you have a magnificent spiritual self-healing capacity and these old traces are erased as soon as you create new beliefs and thoughts in your brain. These then of course work in a positive way for you. So use your ideas consciously, together with fascinating spiritual ideas and consciousness.

So you see, you are actually a big mystery to yourself and you are the key to being able to personally come into your power and shape spiritual transformation.

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