What are Master numbers and what can they mean for you

What are Spiritual numbers and what can they mean for you?

For one it is fortune telling and for the other the theory of numbers is one of the beautiful and valuable legacies from the distant past. The knowledge of numerology and the master numbers contain so much information that if you have been in contact with an experienced numerologist, a fascinating mystery has been opened for you again.

What you will discover in this article

  • What are master numbers
  • Master numbers and numerology, what can this mean for me
  • Spiritual meaning of the master numbers

Master numbers

Master numbers are numbers that have an extra power and dynamics and therefore have a stronger and more profound effect. You can say that master numbers influence your way of life for a certain part . It is written and tells that in the times of Atlantis – island kingdom which was first mentioned in Plato’s pieces; Timaeus and Critias and a storm surge has collapsed – Archangel Metatron received the meaning of the science of numbers from Source and then shared and spread them around the world.

The science of number theory was subsequently continued by, among others, the Aryans, the Greeks and, for example, the Egyptians. Ancient Egypt was advanced mathematically and physically in terms of numbers and codes. Through their wisdom and openness in the field of spiritual awareness, close to nature, they discovered that each figure has its own energetic power .

Various indications have been found that special meanings were associated with the numbers at that time. Pythagoras and Taoism also worked with the philosophy that creation can also be translated into numbers . In short, the fascinating knowledge that each number has its own unique cosmic power has been revived over the thousands of years, to this day.

Numbers are made up of their own and unique cosmic energy, with the associated unique properties. You make a connection with this and the master numbers are then also constructed from this.

Master numbers offer you the ability to achieve your goals and overcome obstacles . If you have a master number in your date of birth, then you are paranormally sensitive. Your soul then invites you to resume your clairvoyance, clairvoyance or clairvoyance in this life. This, in the way that naturally suits you. However, no matter how nice it sounds to have a master number in your date of birth, for example, often the life assignments that the master numbers entail are not the easiest . Master numbers can cause feelings of tensions, and work in more depthwith the associated challenges. The saying “power after cross” is certainly applicable here.

Master numbers therefore have an impact on your life. Then it is of course very nice for you to know how you are numerologically structured from your own life number . Your life number is based on your date of birth, with the numbers that make up your birth date . This not only gives you insight. Having knowledge about your master number or birth number, also offers you the opportunity to connect with your higher consciousness and your inner self. More self-knowledge emerges. Are you well attuned to this and do you have even more self-knowledge, come closer to yourself and your inner knowledge, or spirituality. This alone gives much more inner peace and relaxation. Moreover, it is easier to walk around obstacles. Old pitfalls and habits get less space and you can also expect a growth spurt.

Master numbers are double numbers from the same number 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88 and 99.

It is these numbers that a numerologist reads , so that you receive the insights that belong to you. The master numbers each have their own meaning and can also tell you what to expect. Gaining insight, understanding and tranquility for a past, present and future prediction, a numerologist can also be of excellent service to you.

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A numerologist helps you to better understand, for example

  • Growth opportunities
  • What can you best focus on
  • Life lessons
  • Challenges
  • What can you leave the best and what can you allow?
  • Qualities and talents
  • Personality formation

What is Numerology

What is the ancient knowledge of ‘Numerology’ and how does it actually work? Numerology tells you about the numbers and influences of the numbers on your life . The theory of numbers is based on the natural fact that the entire cosmological connection is energy and that the cosmos is made up of energy. Each part forms an indispensable link with the next part and all this forms one large organism, which takes on an energetic or a subtle material as well as a physical or fixed form . This is again due to the nature of the energy build-up. In the fascinating article about what is an aura and this is scientifically proven , you will also find a lot of information about this.

Figures, spiritual numbers and master numbers are therefore also made up of energy . Particularly inspired scientists and physicists have developed a valuable instrument here in the distant past. The numerology. Over the thousands of years, time and time again it has been found that the information is completely matched with the person or subject.

According to numerology, you are also composed of a certain number or even a master number.

If you are curious how these influences work, it is certainly interesting to start with a sum of your birth date, for example: 28 – 4 – 1966/28 + 4 + 19 + 66 = 9 So if you were born on 28 April 1966, then your birth number or life number 9. So, for example, you can also calculate your personal annual number, for example: 28 + 4 + the year 2019 = 26 = 8. Your personal annual number will then be 8.

You can also investigate the number of your license plate or the number of your mobile numerologically. After all, the cosmic laws tell everything about spiritual synchronicity and that chance does not exist. Everything falls to you and is made up of energy. The structure of your telephone number or your license plate is also no coincidence. There are numerologists who consciously choose their mobile number or number plate and house number. This gives you the opportunity to continue personal growth and development .

You can of course also investigate and keep track of the 7 days of the week or the days of the month through these laws of nature. For example, every day also has a specific characteristic and spiritual significance, which you can take into account in a very practical way. For example, one day is extremely suitable for handling everything related to communication and contacts, while this does not flow smoothly on another day. Then perhaps the time has come to put your strength behind the scenes, with the result being an optimal result. It is therefore certainly interesting to delve into the properties of the figures . If you have any knowledge about this, you will be surprised about the results.

Master numbers and the alphabet

Over the thousands of years, different visions and interpretations have been developed in the field of numerology. This is how the numerical values ​​of the letters in the Hebrew alphabet came about. In addition to this alphabet, for example, the Pythagorean and Phonetic alphabet have also emerged.

The Greek mathematician Pythagoras is seen in our times as the founder of numerology. Through his knowledge, he discovered that the entire universal structure can be quantified in which his motto was: If you know the numbers, you know yourself .

You can also calculate your first name and surname numerically , for example to investigate whether your name is linked to a master number and whether you have a life mission to accomplish . The name given to you at birth also leaves a blueprint and influences who you are and your personality development. This applies to both your first name and last name. Suppose that in addition to your nickname you are also named after a family member, you are unknowingly influenced by this personality. Everything is, as it were, sent out in the ‘ether’ . The column What is spirituality and how can I develop it also provides extensive information about it.

Of course you can also retrieve your numerological blueprint, without a master number . You will see yourself fully recognized in the teachings of the numbers.

Hebrew alphabet

  • 1 = AIYQJ
  • 2 = BCKR
  • 3 = GLS
  • 4 = DMT
  • 5 = EN
  • 6 = UVWX
  • 7 = OZ
  • 8 = PHP PH
  • 9 = Th Tz

Single numbers and their influences

Of course you want to know which specific properties the numbers represent , so that you can analyze yourself. Grab a pen and paper and follow the list below to be the first to start with the single numbers.

  • The number 1 is the number of the pioneer, the initiator and action. It is an excellent number that mainly tells you to take action or tells you that you are very active in life. The number 1 is a brand new start. You have everything you need to make a wonderful new start whenever you want.
  • The number 2 represents the connection, being together with the other. You prefer to do everything in pairs. You have a strong inner urge to help and support the world. There is great quality to be able to move with situations and others. Emotions can make you changeable and indecisive.
  • With the number 3 , the 3-unit appears immediately. It is therefore a number with a high spiritual and sensitive content. You have a natural stabilizing capacity and stand firmly on the ground with both legs. Your inner child has a strong presence and this makes you playful. Creative abilities and self-expression are great.
  • If the figure 4 appears, you have a solid and reliable influence. You have the power to turn your dreams into reality. Justice and purpose are important to you. The ‘will’ and the matter are your qualities. You are determined and realistic. Being earthly is your strength.
  • The number 5 is open to all possibilities in life and supports you to open yourself up for this. It vibrates along with the energetic frequencies of philosophy and wisdom. Be open to your sensitivity, change and new insights and don’t let anyone stop you. You are naturally connected to life and vitality. Versatility is your tool.
  • When the number 6 appears in your life, you are looking for the higher level of connection and socializing in the spiritual community. Your desire for unconditional love is your guidance. You are involved, cordial and extremely friendly. Creating harmony and the beauty of life are your life’s mission.
  • The number 7 connects you directly with an excellent, perspective and scientific mind and at the same time opens you up to your influences of your higher consciousness. Heaven and Earth come together, in which you can bring together the ultimate mix of the occult and mystical. Happiness moments regularly come your way.
  • With the number 8 , you come into contact with infinity and the ever-moving cosmic connections. It means that you have enormous possibilities at your disposal, in which meaning in the non-material will fulfill you. This special energy is connected to the practical goals, projects and relationships. Ambition and goal orientation are your target.
  • The number 9 brings spiritual enlightenment to others and the world through Divine wisdom. You are a teacher and have the ability to perfect what you have learned and to integrate into your life. You are open-minded, creative, humane and wise. Creativity is an important element in your life.

Master numbers and their influences

The master numbers are not added up and have a special and specific vibration . With this you are therefore invited by the Source to follow the important messages of these energetic vibrations.

  • The number 11 refers to Mastery and the dreamer. You are very intuitive and have a high spiritual and spiritual level. You are a leader with a higher degree of sensitivity of clairvoyance and clairvoyance. It is important that you are with yourself. Your sensitivity can make you unstable. Among other things, it is your task to regularly examine your relationships and your life situations. Be aware that you are the only one who can change these and that you bear your own responsibility for this.
  • The number 22 refers to the Bouwmeester number. You have been called upon in this life to realize your visions and dreams. Become the director of your own life and focus on what is achievable, measurable and tangible, together with your amazing capacities of your natural leadership. Ensure the right balance between giving and taking, as well as work and relaxation. You demand a lot from yourself. Being a little less serious in life and using ultimate softness for yourself enables you to achieve great results for yourself and the world.
  • If you are connected to the number 33 , then you have the special mission to reconnect with the Christ Consciousness on an earthly level. You are the Master Teacher and the Healer. You can of course use this at all layers and levels. As a child you already had a higher dedication to the world and others. You are always ready for others and offer help and insight into their spiritual development. A point of attention is to guard the limits for yourself. Caring for the right balance in giving and taking is important.
  • Have you come from the vibration of the number 44 , it is the golden times of Atlantis with which you will continue to build in this life. You are invited to reunite as a person in this life with this era and to help shape the fifth dimension. Your challenge is to find a true balance between your spiritual and physical forms. At the same time you are laying a brand new foundation for the world and the cosmos.
  • Via the energy of the number 55 you are invited to bring your thinking and mental development to the same level, in order to subsequently increase it. It is said that you are strongly connected to the powerful energy of Earth Angel Metatron; see the article https://jouwmysterie.nl/engelenkaart/. The world is undergoing major changes so that the Aquarius era gets more and more space. You are a true counselor and you are able to support others in breaking old thinking patterns. Personal freedom and freedom of movement are important to you.
  • If the number 66 comes your way, or is your birth year, for example, you are expected to fully embrace your role as a lightworker and spiritual being. As a child you have always felt that a road lies there and it has come your way from many angles to show you the way. Harmony and beauty is what you create. This, in every form that you tackle and specifically in the field of relationships. You know how to build and maintain love in an excellent way. By connecting with like-minded people and your soul family, acceptance as a light being becomes a fact. Growth!
  • If you encounter the master and double number 77 in your life, you will be reminded to make contact with Heaven. It is the message to merge Heaven and Earth into one whole. Self-knowledge and self-reflection come your way. You are put to work to embrace the ‘higher’ within yourself and to cooperate with this. Trust in your inner wisdom and building together from these forces is what you can pick up on. Connect with the Higher Masters, Angels and Guides through mediation and other techniques through the Earth.
  • When the number 88 appears , there is a very high spiritual vibration frequency around you, with a message from the Divine spark. Attention is requested for your thoughts and behaviors in this regard. Through extremely subtle messages, such as butterflies, angel feathers and other coincidences, you are communicated from the knowledge of synchronicity.
  • Finally, there is the high master number 99 , which tells you that progress and prosperity will come your way. Here too it is communication from the Source that tells you that you have completed your Earth assignments and lesson from that moment. You have learned your soul tells you.

Encounter master numbers in your daily life

As already written, master numbers can occur in your date of birth . If this is the case, the specific numbers you encounter will work extra powerful. After all, the master number is woven into your energetic blueprint and determines a large part of your personality.

If you come across master numbers on your phone, for example, or you look at the clock and you notice it, you can see this as a message from your subconscious that tells you that you can expect a development. For example 11.11 or 22.22

More and more people notice double digits . This is of course not for nothing. We all live in times of major changes . The language and powers of nature and of the subconscious mind are becoming more and more aware. We live in a time that is full of mainly digital numbers and material. It is, therefore, excellent thought of the soul world to wake up mankind through the messages of numbers. You, too, are an extremely important link in this and it is extremely interesting to delve into the secret codes of numerical theory .


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