The Wolf: Spiritual Meaning

The Wolf: Spiritual Meaning

The wolf

Walk with me wolf. Stand by my side for protection. Show me the way to the right track. Let me be part of your pack, so that I may learn about togetherness, playfulness and inner strength. The wolf is a mythical animal. Indians granted the wolf great powers. His piercing eyes that look like the moon in the sky. Mover between heaven and earth.

Important chain

The wolf is an important link in nature when it comes to balancing. In America, the wolf was brought back to Yellow Stone national park and there he ensured that not only more balance was found in the animal kingdom, but also in nature. Where initially grassy plains were completely eaten away, because there were no natural enemies, attention is now being paid on and nature is more likely to recover. This guarantees a continuous growth of food for many animals. Lost animal species have returned, such as birds that can now feed on seeds that were first eaten away in front of them. Vegetation in the broadest sense of the word is again given the chance to blossom. In addition, weak animals are eliminated. They are the prey for the wolf and its pack.

You too are an important link in the whole. Even if you are human and wherever human tries to manipulate nature, more damage is done than a positive effect. You as a person can help you recover. Just like the wolf. By connecting with nature, Mother Earth. By seeing how powerful and powerful everything she produces is. That everything is interconnected and that every part, no matter how small, has a role. We are not here to plunder. Just take it and never give anything back. You are here to ensure that nature.

Now of course you don’t have to go hunting for deer like the wolf, but there is plenty of other material that we as humans can see as prey. Rounding waste, for example. Whether all chemical cleaning agents that are undoubtedly in your kitchen cupboard, you throw in the toilet (bleach) or hang on the edge of your toilet. Or the ‘pods’ that you throw in your washing machine, because it’s so nice and easy. What do you think about the ‘Dove’s’, ‘Niveas’, shampoos, soaps and other substances that you use to shower or take a bath with? In addition to the fact that there are many chemical components in it, which are not at all healthy for you as a person, and therefore part of nature, everything is washed away with water. Water is our most important source of life. We cannot survive for 3 days without water. Purifiers do not even get the water clean. Which means that our drinking water is contaminated.

If you add up and consider that not only you, but also your family, the neighbors, the city, the country, Europe, the world use these products every day. What does that yield? You can enter the answer yourself. So it’s time for action. There are now enough environmentally friendly, natural alternatives on the market. Put your light on and help Mother Earth to recover.

Natural rhythm

The wolf will never attack just like that. Not people either. That only happens if he or his pack feels threatened. Or if he needs food to feed his family. His hunt is guided by a natural rhythm. To what extent do you follow your natural rhythm? It is difficult in a third dimension world where everything revolves around time and on time. Where alarm clocks disturb you, while naturally you would wake up later, because your body requires it. But you are printed in a pattern, because we think that’s how it should be. If you sail on your own course, your day would look very different and your energy level would be higher than it is now. Perhaps it is time for you to sail more on your natural compass? Find out when you perform best. In the early morning, the afternoon, or the evening. We are not robots that can be fully charged all day. If you are looking for more balance in your life, then this is definitely something to explore. How can you fit in this 3rd dimension world in such a way that you operate as much as possible on the basis of your natural rhythm.

Your family

Wolves are a special bunch together, because they always live in a pack. It does not only consist of father, mother and kids. But aunts and grandmothers are also part of the whole. Young males leave the pack to start their own family. Wolves are loyal to their family. Together they take care of the small stuff and food. If you see a group of wolves walking, the strongest will lead and the fastest will close the row. That’s how they stay together. Who is your family? Unlike with the wolf, there is no need for a blood bond. Every soul of ours comes from the universe. There are several planets (systems) that have sent us to complete our mission here. Your real family looks very different from those in the third dimension. Some of its souls are here on earth and you may come across them or have already come across them. Other souls reside at your ‘home’ that is in the universe. That does not mean that you cannot connect to it. Just like the call of the wolf, your invisible contact capacity is miles away. If you need it, find the silence and ask for a connection. Ask your question or questions from your heart and feel what happens.


In the pack, care is taken of each other and everyone knows their place. Everyone does what he or she is best at. Those who have to hunt and protect eat more than the little ones who play alone. It is intended this way naturally. The pack forms a protective shell to which all adults contribute. All with the aim of allowing young people to develop to their full potential and potential. Falling and getting up is part of that. Which people around you contribute to your pack? And which pack do you contribute to? Two important questions to get to the heart of who fits your pack and who doesn’t. Remember that the wolf is a solitary animal that is fully empowered. An individual in itself that together with like-minded people achieves more than alone.

In the changing world, more and more people will feel the need, or perhaps you already have one, to take care of the youth of the future together with others. Young people who have come here with the mission to help Mother Earth recover and create the new world based on love and compassion. All these children have a higher soul attunement that is too far away from that of the third dimension. That is why they do not understand the third dimension world (and vice versa), but are trapped in these systems, such as schools, sports clubs and often their third or fourth dimension family. They are the ones who are indicated with ADHD, who really find learning to be ridiculous, who are easily seduced by addictive drugs, which are often labeled as ‘awkward’, without having any idea of ​​it themselves, because their intentions are always pure but they are not understood. More and more pioneers will see that these young people need a pack. A safety net that does not help them scientifically, but from the heart. Gives them insights, so that life becomes more portable and they can find their way better. The fact remains that the systems do not just disappear and that they learn to deal with them, until other avenues open up.

In addition, you may have the need to form your own pack. Not only with young people, but also with aunts, grandmothers, sisters and brothers. Trust the universe that the right people are put on your path, with which you contribute to the whole from your strength as an individual. A pack in which everyone contributes from his complete BEING.

Boy Scout

Our way here on earth has been mapped out for us, but we don’t know what it is. The wolf can assist you in finding and staying on the right track. Do you feel that you have lost your way for a while, ask the wolf and his senses for help. Learn for yourself the decisions that contribute to your happiness and what doesn’t. That’s the only thing that counts. If you are unhappy, you cannot be in your full power or make a good contribution. If you still have things to process, it makes sense that you don’t feel happy for a while. Look with the wolf’s eyes to see what past experiences have taught you. This does not mean experiences such as pain, anger, loss of confidence and sadness. Every experience that has brought about these kinds of emotions has a positive lesson in it. If you can see it,


Bliss is partly the result of doing crazy, laughing, getting up with a positive feeling. Jump, jump, dance, you name it. Much of all this has been unlearned to us, because you must behave according to your age. We put on our serious mask in the morning and in the evening we throw it off again, exhausted. What kind of day was that? When you have fun and you are lighter in life, positive energy flows. Are vibrations occurring up to the cell level that make heavy energy disappear? The trick is to find the way to this playful life, in which you nevertheless take full responsibility. The wolf has known this game for a long time. He plays with the little ones and plays with each other. Every day. And you? Do you dare to hop on the street? Hard to sing along, even if it sounds rete false? To dance completely out of time just because you feel like it. DO IT! It makes your life much nicer and happier. What others think They should know that for themselves. Thinking adds nothing. Know for sure that they feel deep down that they secretly would like to do so crazy …

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