The Swan: Spiritual Meaning

The Swan: Spiritual Meaning

The Swan

Everyone knows the swan as a graceful creature. Floating around in a tree-lined pond, preferably with two people and a hint of fog. That looks enchanting. The swan tells you that you can become who you really are. That you can be in your full splendor and that you can exhibit it, so that others are touched by your beauty.

Eternal loyalty?

Swan couples are eternally loyal to each other. Every once in a while they fight each other out, but deep down they know that their partner is the one they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Now it’s easy for the swan. He is just looking for another swan that feels good and is willing to mate. Once paired they are and couple forever. For us people that is a lot different for you. Our intelligence is troubling us here. But what has been taught us, reflected and imposed in the form of norms and values. Who is good enough for you? Or actually a lot of partners are suitable, but are we inclined to always want to fiddle with someone, to want to change someone.

Dear person, if this seems familiar. Stop it. Someone only changes if the motivation comes from him or her SELF. It is also important that you feel from your deepest BEING whether your partner is close to your dimension. Many couples discover that due to the increase in the vibration of the earth, their relationships suddenly look very different. You are growing while the other is standing still. At least that’s how it feels. The only thing that happens is that you want to BE more in tune with your soul attunement. That you want to look at yourself and live from unconditional love and compassion. The other is not (yet) ready or does not get that far in this life. Is that bad? No. As long as you can accept that your partner has to go his own way. You may find that the gap between your dimension and that of the other is too large. In these cases, the relationship does not last, no matter how hard both try. Or that you do have a partner with a soul attunement close to yours, but that the necessary walls can still be demolished if you want to.

During each life, partners come along who teach you something. Sometimes they are with you for a while and sometimes long. The most important thing is that you never allow yourself (or anyone else) to limit your path to becoming a swan and give your partner the space to discover his swan.

Protective caring

When the swan hatches its eggs, an intense connection is created with the young ones in the making. Even though the pregnancy takes place outside the body, the energy of mother the swan is completely absorbed in the eggs. Just like with humans. After their birth, the path to empowerment of young people begins. Protect them, but also let them discover their own way. Swan parents are extremely protective and humans know that the wings of the swan can easily break bones. Have you been brought up very protected? Do you protect your children in the same way? Have you felt that you have tried to get out of that protection? See your children try that too? Everything TE stands for, dear person, is overdone. Children, you or yours, will always try to do it differently. To find their own way.

To release

Do you have children of your own and do you now recognize that you copied this protective behavior yourself, while you yourself hated it so much. Then take over some of the power of the swan and release your offspring to discover. Do you really think that swan parents with 6 young at the same time see everything their kids eat out? Joh, they don’t have time for that. Swans create the preconditions so that their offspring can grow up. They are far too busy providing adequate food and will only be protected if there is a really dangerous situation. 

Then there is always the security of mother’s wings. The point is that you give the basics, so that they understand that they can create their own lives and bear the responsibility for it. If everything is always possible and allowed, then the reality becomes hard. If nothing can or may never be, then the free inner is destroyed and a kind of BEING unworldly arises. If you are lighter in life and know that banging your nose or burning your fingers (literally or figuratively) results in a lesson, you also get more space and peace to spend on your SELF, because you have a way to go and are of great value to the whole.

Be your own father, mother and child

That your parents have never understood you in this and probably never will understand you is not a problem. They have done their best to give you what they thought best or what they were able to do because of their soul attunement. Are you hurt? Angry? Disappointed? If those feelings are YOU and you are the one who has to resolve them in yourself. You can do that by merging both father, mother and child for your (well) BE. That is not easy and asks you if you really dare to look at your inner self. For example, your inner parents can comfort your inner child, give it the love it has missed, give it the strength to dare to play freely and make nice stains on your shirt or jump in puddles of rain. The beauty of being an adult, is that you no longer have to stick to everything that was ever imposed on you. Pff, that airs up …

The swan in you

If the swan comes your way in any way, it is an incentive to grow further. To become the swan that you are meant to be in this life. Do you see the grace of the beautiful round wings as the swan swims around in its pool of life? Do you also want to float freely, calmly and carefree? All you have to do is find the space for it. Away from the hectic pace. The silence within yourself has special secrets to reveal, which you can only hear, feel and / or see. This powerful animal with its graceful and oh so strong wings stands for itself. Fully in its own strength. Search, dear person, where your powers lie. Be aware that everything you have experienced so far makes a positive contribution to this. Whether it’s nasty or happy experiences,

Black and white

In addition to the white swans, there are also black swans. They are just as beautiful as the white ones and the animal itself has nothing to do with black or, in other words, darkness. Yet the link is automatically made by humans. Dear person, you are a being of light. But keep in mind that the dark is fully active right now to take you and all other light beings out of their power. Seduce you to stay on the road where you are now. Imagine that the features that do not adorn you and that you want to get rid of are actually not that bad at all. That an attempt is being made to keep you in the third dimension. By sending sorrow in your path. By making your scary dreams come true. Waking you up in the morning with a heavy feeling. Sow doubt and uncertainties. In addition, we in fourth and fifth dimension people in our former lives from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions certainly also had to deal with darkness. To learn to understand. And we succeeded, because otherwise we would not be here now.

Know that through what you have lived through all your lives, you have the power to hold the white light. Fier like a torch burning in the night. When we talk about the black and white swans, you are a white one. And it’s time for you to start your transformation into the adult swan or continue with it, no matter what happens around you. Make sure your light keeps shining. Be a beacon for those who are searching and share what you have in you. That is perhaps more than you can currently suspect, but everything is revealed at the right time. Are you also looking forward to it? Have fun growing powerful white swan!

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