The Peacock: Spiritual Meaning

The Peacock: Spiritual Meaning

The peacock

Those who think of the peacock often think of the colorful variant in green or blue. There is also the virgin white of which the fanned feathers look like ice crystals. The peacock tells about standing in your power. BE who you really are in all your facets and carry this out while keeping your personal space pure and guarded.

This beautiful animal in full color ornament or in fine sparkling white has been a symbol in many religions and cultures for centuries. Not for nothing. From the pure time where people and animals lived much more in cooperation and being together, the special BEING of the peacock was recognized. The peacock is given qualities that make it a fantastic, but also very powerful power animal. With his antennas on his head, each of which is equipped with tiny feather feathers, he is directly connected to the purest light frequencies in the universe. The springs are often used for cleaning and purification rituals. When the peacock comes your way, it always has to do with the pure handling of your energy, guiding it in the right direction and serving the greater whole. The energetic power that the peacock brings with it,

Do you regularly react violently to things that occur in your life? You can see it all of a sudden, in one go, turning into anger, fear, sadness, helplessness or depression. People around you will be scared or wonder with wide eyes. It is the fire that is in the peacock that brings about this in you. It means that emotions come too hard and raw to you, so that the fire goes in. You can use this fire better and more beautifully, but that requires practice. The peacock asks you to work on this and he also helps you with this.

Claim your own space

When the peacock feels troubled, he will claim his own space by spreading the feather head and thereby creating a distance between him and what threatens him. We often come across people who suck us out. Who come to stand in your aura for a while, sometimes really close, to recharge. People who feel that you are special, even if they cannot put their finger on it. That is because they have a different soul attunement that is too far from yours. You have often come across people like this. People who have used your beautiful energy with the hope that this will put them in a better booklet. Or they have taken a walk with your energetic input and will leave you lost. Even worse are those who fake that they are soul mates, but want to enrich their own ego, often narcissists, at your expense.

In the meantime you have become wiser due to damage and shame (that was also the intention), but sometimes not yet alert enough. Because you believe in the goodness of people, it is difficult to distinguish. A good rule is to listen to your gut feeling. If you find that difficult, there is always doubt. The saying says: when in doubt, don’t! When you are attuned to your feelings and can properly distinguish whether your head / ego sows this doubt or it comes from somewhere else, then you listen to the latter. Your openness and honesty requires you to claim your own space. Extend your feather head wide if it’s not right. Since light is becoming lighter and darker and darker during this time, it is necessary to take good care of yourself.

Sharp claws

The peacock is not always loving and that is not the intention at all. There are times when it is necessary to draw a line. Until here and no further. Or to dispel what you are trying to undermine. The animal has been known for centuries as a snake killer. For that he uses his sharp claws, which he stretches forward in a fight and leaves nothing to his attacker. Now the snake is not always a dark animal. Not exactly, but there are certainly dark snakes in our midst. They do not use gifts in the right way or do not know that they have gifts, but always have a heavy energy hanging around them.

Usually these people have a negative outlook on life. Everything is dark and dark. The glass is always half empty and bears walk on every road. And when you have had a great day or a special experience, conscious or unconscious attempts are made to make this light energy disappear as quickly as possible. At these times it is time to use your claws and kindly point out to the other person that you are not going to lower your energy, because the other person cannot take it. The other has problems with this. Not you. Believe in your light and therefore in your power. If others find this too intense, they will naturally give way or remain silent. If they continue to poke and stick to you to ‘refuel’, then it may be time to take your own distance or say goodbye.


You can open yourself a little more to astonishment. Just as the peacock spreads its plumage and you are watching with your mouth open. Look around you? Do you see the smaller miracles that occur in your life? Coincidences such as synchronicity, where your wish is suddenly at your door or is delivered in a very short period of time between your thoughts (positive or negative) and the manifestation in reality. The more you are YOURSELF and can listen to your higher BEING, the more often these moments will occur. It is therefore very important to keep your thoughts and actions positive. It is not for nothing that the saying goes: be careful what you wish for!

As you wonder more, life becomes lighter, more fun and more exciting. You can see the humor from and behind things more often. Your energetic BEING will be happier and your energetic vibration higher. Closer to who you really ARE. The universe will welcome your progress and support and stimulate you even more. If you succeed, then you will find that on points where you first let yourself be seduced by irritation, anger, sadness, powerlessness and fear you can now act from acceptance and much more from YOUR BEING.

Admiration also has to do with nature. It happens outside. The sun that rises, the dew drops, ice crystals, trees that wave at you, animals that do not accidentally come your way, light beings who dare to show their presence. Dear person, it’s all there. You just have to observe it and let it enter your heart. If you are walking and sunk in thought, looking at your phone or wearing a headset, you cannot be surprised.

Will you become like the peacock?

That you use the right instruments, claws and feather tips at the right moment to be more you? Do you let people stare in wonder at your feathering beauty, simply because you dare to shine? Knowing that you have developed a flawless feeling to keep out low frequencies and your personal space? That you can use your sharp claws if it is really needed? That you feel that the fire behind this is intense, but that you will never abuse this weapon. Then dear person, nothing or nobody will be able to influence your BEING and that is where you may grow.

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