The mouse is a humble animal that has enjoyed everything over the centuries. His little hands and feet, the sweet bead eyes, funny ears and sniffing noses have something touching. They are agile too. They can run fast, climb and also swim. Sometimes they sneak and then they flatten themselves again, so that they fit through the smallest holes and cracks, just like a Smurf that fits through the water tap. The mouse has all these techniques at home, because his life around the world is all about eating or being eaten.

Because the mouse is a delicious meal for many animals. Owls and other birds of prey, felines, including our domestic cat, and reptiles, such as snakes and even bird spiders, hunt this little creature. It is not for nothing that mice reproduce at lightning speed. If you are the favorite meal of many animals, you have to, otherwise the species will die out and this will affect the entire chain.

Guinea pig

Humans have also discovered the mouse as a handy animal to be abused. Not only do we try on a large scale to eradicate this ‘vermin’ with poisonous grains and thus intervene once again in nature. The mouse is also a beautiful guinea pig for humans. In medical science it is mice that are abused for all kinds of tests. They have to eat everything to see if they get sick or die, sometimes very slowly. Whether they get heart palpitations, or accelerated aging. What happens when their DNA is adjusted. Or they get an ear sewn on their back to see if it keeps growing. The humble mouse undergoes all this without grumbling. And people look at all of these processes without having to blind or blind.

Parallels can be drawn with the life of the mouse and the life of man. The universe looks at how we are crawling around here on earth. What happens if part of our medication A is administered. Part of our frequent craft food. Another part reacts when death and destruction is sown around them. How we sometimes create, not only through medicines, but in general, because there are power structures that think they can rule the ups and downs of their ‘subjects’.

There are many more examples, but what is at stake here is that through centuries of human manipulation, humanity shows the behavior of the (frightened) mouse. We undergo all of this, because we believe that we are tiny puppets in the big picture. That it does not matter if you as a loner do it differently. If you look at it literally from space, we are indeed. Figuratively, we are not at all void. We are important links, each with their strength and unique BEING that together may form a beautiful, powerful necklace. The only humility you should feel is that from a deep respect and admiration that you may be part of this special whole.

After the root

What is at stake here is that we try to see how long we continue to follow the long-promised root. Keeping our unconditional belief that somewhere, if you stay in line for long enough, you forget your body and true BEING and work with blinkers on for a lifetime, you will be rewarded with a thick bank account, a carefree existence. Finally! You cannot wait until you are 68 (this is not a typo) because then … you will be released from your chains of slavery and if you are lucky you may use part of your hard-earned retirement to live on while you are alive. Because the average age is still 75 years and many will never reach it. Your money box disappears, unless you have arranged it well for your relatives (read: read a lot of small print while you are still alive), in the pocket of the rich. Where did you make the difference? Where have you contributed to a better and more beautiful world? Is this what you want with your life?


What distinguishes us from the mouse is that we can stand up against injustice, abuse, abuse and oppression. Not only for ourselves, but also for animals, plants and trees. That we can see through our fictional bars ourselves and free ourselves from our cage where we often let ourselves be imprisoned by the tests that the ‘Dark Web’ (so it is not a fabrication of our time, but has been around for centuries) and where systems and other people, consciously or unconsciously, cooperate on this planet, including yourself through the choices you make. That we can throw our chains and step out of our victim role and not have to watch listlessly what ‘happens’ to us and the world. We no longer use our distinctive character.

It doesn’t have to be that way. But that means making choices. If you choose a mouse life in a (golden) cage, that is your right. You earn your money, you have a roof over your head, you can buy food and more gadgets, you can go on holiday one or more times a year and if something happens, you are insured. Think of it as the mouse in the cage that is provided with its nibbles and nibbles just in time, but has no freedom. Somewhere deep inside, even with the mouse, there is a primordial urge.

If you were to open the cage, the mouse would naturally go out and walk away. He would opt for an existence with perhaps fewer certainties, but with maximum freedom. He will have to dig deep into his primordial instinct to retrieve how and where he can find food, how to find or make the best place to sleep that protects him against the weather. He will have to get all his forgotten skills deep from his SELF to be able to strengthen and use them. But nobody takes away his freedom, unless of course he falls prey to one of the animals who also want to live and survive. As humans, we don’t have to worry about being literally eaten. But the rest is comparable. How often do you say you would like to do this or that? And that immediately follows: “But yes,


Suppose you have a blank page in front of you. What would you write about that? What is your biggest dream? What makes the butterflies in your belly flutter? What makes your heart overflow with love? What needs to happen to feel an enormous joy? Take a look at yourself, dig, like the mouse that has left its cage, deep and bring out your forgotten skills and wisdom. How would you prefer to live? Look what you write down. Put it away, pick it up again if you have a new inspiration. Make room for silence and listen. If you feel that your paper is filled well enough, check if you can discover a pattern. What does it really say? Know that anything is possible. Even without the safety of a cage.

You will find that you have qualities, whether or not they are your own, that the mouse does not have. Fear of loss and greed for example. There are probably things on your paper for which you have to make concessions. For example, living rich in the form of material things and the so-called friendships that this entails (if you win, you have friends) surrender for a richer life from your heart with loving peers. Or become healthier or healthy again. Then you will have to follow a different diet and consult with YOURSELF, where there are blockages blocking the path to health. If you cannot solve it yourself, dare to ask the help question, because that is also scary and difficult for many.

Mouse mice

Because we are stimulated to let our thinking dominate in this world, our brains are working overtime. Mice nicks pop up everywhere. Those are thoughts that have a negative undertone. Who try to undermine your power. They mainly see what can go wrong. Making the mouse (sounds better than mosquito here) into an elephant. Worry about everything, while you still find no answers. It is all completely useless. It is best to try to stop with mouse nests today. It is a distraction from what you can actually do. Do you have a glass globe? Even if you had one, you still cannot see what happens tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. The crux is there.

By occupying yourself today or worrying about mice, you forget to live. Dear person, life is there to celebrate! Not that you have to BE brash, but you can experience something beautiful every day, make people happy, share your knowledge, help nature, enjoy the sun on your face, the wind through your hair, around you look and feel how beautiful and wonderful the nature of Mother Earth is and how related it is that you are part of it. At such moments you are completely in the NOW.

Forget the mouse nicks, do what is necessary as a result of the choices you made earlier in your life. In the meantime you can work on your new plan, your new BEING. By doing this in a positive way on a daily basis, it will automatically appear in your ‘cloud’ and you will notice that there is movement in the hinges of the doors of your cage in order to eventually be able to open. The power that you build up as a result of your growth in this whole, will soon be simply pushed open the door to freedom. And then the real adventure begins …