Communicate with angels via numbers

Communicate with angels via numbers

Your angels guide you through your thoughts, feelings and impressions through words and images. They also give signs, those are the things you see again and again. One of the ways in which angels like to give you signs is through numbers (sequences). You see these numbers repeatedly on license plates, telephone numbers, time indicators, digital clocks, etc. …

A characteristic of an angel message is that it is repetitive. So you hear or see exactly the same multiple times in a relatively short period. When you have received a sign 3 times or more, you can assume that it is an angel message.

The angels are happy to help with the interpretation of the messages you receive from them. Ask for this when messages are not clear or if you are in doubt whether you have understood the information correctly. You can even make appointments with the angels as I did for example for communicating via the numbers!

I always like to discover new creative ways to communicate with my angels. I wasn’t sure if it would work but I thought I’d let it try :). I asked my angels if they, if they want to give me a message through a series of numbers, if they first show me the number 44. Immediately followed by the series of numbers (that is then the message) and finally 3x the number 4. I know for sure that the ‘end of message’ is.
The first time my request was met I had to laugh a lot … so it works for me. I get these detailed messages when I am in the car via the number plates that pass by.

My experience is that interpreting messages via numbers is also ‘by feeling’. Below I will write out the concise general meaning of the numbers for you. I hope you ‘play’ with it.

  • 0   God is talking to you, are you listening?
  • 1   Your thoughts manifest at lightning speed ,  keep them positive!
  •  Keep courage / faith. (We work behind the scenes and your prayers are answered)
  • 3 and are related to the enlightened masters. They are nearby and want to help you.
  • 4  a 4 stands for the angels, presence and help (so ask!) The more 444 and the more angels
  • 5 stands for change, transformation, transmutation for the better
  • 6  relate to finance and material matters
  •  You are on the right track! continue!
  • 8 eights are always nice, they stand for abundance.
  • 9   relate to your soul purpose an ‘urgent’ encouragement to  ‘get to work. (light worker😀!)

The numbers are from the book by Doreen Virtue; “Numbers of the angels” in it are all numbers described from 0 to 999! A handy booklet for those who want to look up the meanings. But my experience is that with the above you can go a long way.

Some interpretation examples:

  • You have asked the angels for help but ‘you see’ no results as a result of that request for help. Then you suddenly see 2 and everywhere! Your angels give you signs, they have heard you and ask you to keep your faith.
  • You ask the angels for signs and you see 4 and!
  • you wonder if you would do well to follow your heart if that involves a career switch. You ask the angels for help and you see 5 and 8 and !!!
    An interpretation could be that they foresee that your consideration would benefit a change and that it will ultimately bring you abundance in your life!

Now I am curious about; How do you communicate via numbers? And what are your experiences with this? You can leave a comment below.


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