Angels numbers and their meanings

Angels numbers and their meanings

Angels numbers and their meanings

Angels like to give us signs and messages via angel numbers . Do you often come across double numbers? Or do you always see the same numbers when you look at your alarm clock? Chances are that the angels will want to give you something or make something clear. You can read below how angels work numbers and what they mean!

Angels figures and numbers

Angels numbers and numbers are signs of the angels around you. You could say that angel numbers are actually messages from your angels. If you regularly see the same numbers or always wake up at the same time in the middle of the night and see the same time on the alarm clock, then the angels want to tell you something! Angel numbers therefore all have a meaning. A meaning with which the angels want to lend a hand here on earth! Through angelic numbers they are happy to give you something. Are you curious what the numbers of the angels mean?

Meaning angels numbers

Every number has a message in it and has its own meaning. Doreen Virtue has devoted an entire book to angelic numbers in which she discusses all the numbers, this book is called: Numbers of the Angels. In this blog article you will find the meaning partly according to Doreen Virtue and also from my own experiences with the angels. Below you will find an overview with the meaning of angel numbers, double numbers and of times.


The meaning of angels numbers 0 to 10

0 Meaning

The number zero lets you know that the light is communicating with you. And also that you are more connected to god and angels.

1 Meaning

Watch your thoughts and what you think. Don’t think in fears and worries, but think positively and have faith. What you pay attention to is growing.

2 Meaning

Know that the angels and god always hear your prayers. Keep faith, courage and trust even when it now seems that this is not the case. In short, have faith in the divine and the angels!

3 Meaning

You are surrounded by enlightened masters who want to help you. Allow them to help you.

4 Meaning

You can and may always ask your angels for help, they are always there for you. They are happy to give you advice, trust and a sense of security.

5 Meaning

A positive change or development is ready for you.

6 Meaning

Keep spirituality and materialistic issues in balance. Keep an eye on what really matters. Connect with yourself and your heart to feel what is really important to you.

7 Meaning

Keep up the good track!

8 Meaning

There is plenty available financially for you, be open to it! The number 8 can also mean that you are entering a new phase of life.

9 Meaning

Know that what you like and have a passion for is not without reason. Trust that your heart will show you the way to your life’s purpose in this way. Your talents and passions have to do with this. What can you share, bring with your talents and passion?

10 Meaning

Trust your intuition and your promptings and also the signs you receive. That is how the divine communicates with you! God and the angels also give you messages and instructions that can help you.


Double numbers of the angels

Double numbers are also called master numbers. A double 4 or a double 1 therefore has more power than a single 1 or a single 4. If you see double numbers, then know there is more power behind it and that message! The meaning of double numbers can be found below.

The meaning of double digits

00 Meaning

The angels want you to know that you can be open to signs and messages of light. Dare to listen to and follow your intuition.

11 Meaning

Know that you have desires, dreams and ideas for a reason. Dare to give your dreams a chance!

22 Meaning

Your beliefs manifest quickly! Continue to trust your wishes and be open to the opportunities that you are offered.

33 Meaning

You are being helped by the light beings and your angels. Work with them and feel free to ask for help and advice, they are there to help you!

44 Meaning

Know that you can always ask your angels for help if you want to find a solution or an outcome for something. Trust in the leadership and the signs you receive. Allow yourself and other peace. 

55 Meaning

You can let go of something and prepare for a positive change. Remember that releasing something does not always mean losing something. Letting go is also opening the door for something new. Look at possibilities and do not think in limitations. 

66 Meaning

Try to let go of your focus on the materialistic and bring your attention in there you can feel what is really important. Open your eyes to the invisible world that is there for you and always supports and helps you if you are open to it.

77 Meaning

Stay loyal to yourself! You are doing well and keep going! Have faith in your path.

88 Meaning

Be open to the abundance that is coming your way, enjoy it and dare to share it with the world around you and those who need it.

99 Meaning

Trust your intuitive power, you have a lot of light to share. The more you can trust your own powers, the more you can be of service to the world.  

Meaning times digital clock

Do you always see the same numbers on your digital clock or alarm clock? If the same time keeps coming back then do not ignore this signal from the angels and be open to their counsel.

11:11 Meaning

Your thoughts become manifestations. Keep that in mind and focus on the positive or what you want in life. Release negative and fearful thoughts. Feel free to ask the angels for help with this.

12:12 Meaning

Keep faith in your prayers. They are being heard! Continue to focus your attention and thoughts on the positive and have faith and trust in the divine and the angels and the outcome of your prayers.

13:13 Meaning

Know that you are surrounded by and by angels and light beings. There are also enlightened masters in your area who are happy to help and advise you. Keep your thoughts focused on your wishes and let go of your worries.

14:14 Meaning

The angels are there for you. Have faith in the power of the angels and remain aware of your thoughts and their manifestation power.

15:15 Meaning

There is a positive change in your path. Have faith in the positive and the opportunities it will bring you. See what positive things it can bring you and let go of your worries and negative thoughts.

16:16 Meaning

What really matters Keep materialistic desires and spirituality in balance. Dare to look beyond material possession. In other words, you focus on what matters and what really makes you happy.

17:17 Meaning

Keep your thoughts full of love and positive. This is how your positive energy will manifest in your life. You are on the right track!

18:18 Meaning

Your thoughts are powerful and manifest in your life. That is why it is good to keep your thoughts positive and to focus on loving and positive thoughts that can bring you abundance.

19:19 Meaning

Your passions and that which makes you happy has to do with what you can give and bring here on earth. Focus on service and follow the desire of your heart. Dare to be creative and embrace your ideas!

20:20 Meaning

The angels are with you and the divine communicates with you. Follow up on the divine guidance you receive! You can make contact with the source through meditation and of course also through a prayer. Trust that your prayers will be heard, even when this is not yet visible.

21:21 Meaning

Everything is connected. In this way you too are energetically connected to the source and the divine. Embrace this connection! Your thoughts are energetic forms of communication. Therefore, keep your thoughts loving, pure and positive. Thus, the divine will help you manifest loving energy and positivity.

22:22 Meaning

Have faith in the divine and in the situation. Know that everything will be fine and everything will fall into place. Keep faith and trust!

23:23 Meaning

You need faith and trust to be able to manifest what you want. You are surrounded by enlightened masters and angels who are happy to help you release and heal your anxious, uncertain and negative thoughts. Make room for trust and love!  

The meaning of angel numbers with 3 or more digits

If you always come across a number that does not represent a master number or a time and for which you would like to know what it means, you can do the following: First of all, look up the meaning of each number. When you have done this, put the meanings of the numbers together. Perhaps the message is immediately clear to you when you see the meanings together, but if this is not the case, ask your angels for help. I will tell you below how you can do this.

The angels ask for a meaning from a number series

If a meaning is not yet clear then know that the angels are happy to help you with this! After all, they were their own signs. Signs that they would like to make known to you to help you further. You can ask the angels to explain their angel numbers or to tell you the message behind it.

This is how you ask the angels for their message:

Before you begin, ask Archangel Michael to protect you and ask him to let only pure angelic energy through. When you do this you know for sure that the message and explanation of the numbers that you intuitively receive will actually come from your angels.

When you have asked Archangel Michael to protect you, ask if the angels want you to feel and know what they mean by the numbers that appear to you. You can do this by asking them in your own words or you can ask the angels the following:

Dear angel, w ate want you to tell me the number (enter the number in what increasingly appears to you)? Let me now feel this inside and know through my intuition. Thank you.

Feel what comes in

Then look again at the numbers whose meaning you want to know and write them down if necessary. Feel what comes to you when you write down the numbers or look at them again. Be open to it, it can be anything. Angels sometimes come with the most unexpected things and the most unexpected messages. Let your head and your thoughts that have an opinion about it go and feel as much as possible. It is also possible that a message is brought to you through inspiration or insight.

Sometimes it also helps to write down everything you feel and receive. Write down everything you feel and what comes to mind. When the flow of information from your angels then stops, you can read everything you have written down quietly. Sometimes the message is immediately clear and sometimes not, let it just land. Thank your angels for their message and then take a break. Go do something else and pick up your notes later. Read your notes carefully again, often the message still comes in.

Get familiar with the angels

Do not be disappointed if it does not become clear in one go what the angels want to tell you now or if it is not possible to get the message right away. The angels often give their messages several times as long until we have noticed and understood them. And it really helps to practice communicating with angels by asking them more often to tell you something or to let them feel what they want to tell you.

Angels communicate in a very subtle way, which can make it difficult to notice or master their way of communicating in the beginning. Once you have found the way of your angels you will see that it is always easy! You automatically become familiar with the way the angels talk to you and communicate with you.

Angel numbers

Angel numbers can appear to you in all sorts of ways. This way they can not only appear on your phone or your alarm clock, but also think of license plates, traffic signs, magazines and all kinds of other texts and pictures. The angels are creative and often show their signs and numbers in several places so that we can notice them better and become aware of them.

Do you want to read more about angel numbers? Then I definitely recommend the book Numbers of the Angels by Doreen Virtue! Here you can find the meaning of all numbers and look it up again. It is always useful to be able to look up the meaning of numbers.

Angel characters

Angel numbers are signs and signals from the angels. Besides angel numbers there are also many more signs that the angels can give you. Angels give signs to let them know that they are with you and are there for you. Or because they would like to let you know something. When you ask angels for help there is a good chance that you will get an answer via signs or numbers.

What other angel characters are there? 

What other signs do the angels give? Angels are creative beings who make themselves known in many ways and want to make something known to you when you are open to them. I have already written a blog in which I explain all angel characters. Below you will find a short explanation of all other angel characters. If you want to read more about it, then also read: angel characters .

Feathers on your path

Do you regularly find white feathers? Through feathers, angels let them know that they are with you and would like to help you. Then know that there are angels around you when you find feathers! And trust the feeling that a feather gives you when your eyes fall on it. This feeling is your intuition. Through your intuition, a message often comes in when you find a feather. This can be a feeling of trust, a confirmation or a message in short, trust your own feeling.


When you regularly find coins and encounter coins in the most unexpected places, thank your angels for their presence and their sign. Angels let you know with coins that they are there for you. Trust your angels and know that they are ready for you and that you can and may always ask them for help.


Angels also let them know via rainbows that they are there! If you come across a rainbow in an unexpected place or it feels like a rainbow seems to be for you and was meant for you, trust that! Then listen to your intuition and your feeling when you see the rainbow. The angels then want to let you know something. 


Angels regularly give us messages here on earth through human messengers. This can be through someone you have known for a long time and who says exactly the words you needed at the time or it can be an angel in human form who will give you something.

To dream

Angels like to communicate with us when we sleep. When we sleep, our heads are calm and the angels can reach us better. This is because our thoughts are not in the way and we are in full contact with our heart. If you are allowed to experience an angelic dream in which an angel tells you something, receive the message!


There are more angelic characters, the characters that you could read about above are the characters that are the most common and the most meaningful. Do you want to read more about the signals that the angels can give you? Then also read: angel signs . 

I wish you a very nice day full of love and light! 

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