50 Animals and their spiritual meaning

50 Animals and their spiritual meaning

Animals and their spiritual meaning:  Do you ever ask yourself why you always see the same animals in your life? Below you will find an overview of many animals and their spiritual meaning. Do you have questions about animals that you ‘accidentally’ encounter every time? Feel free to call one of our mediums and spiritual specialists, they will gladly help you with insight about animals and their spiritual meaning.

The Eagle symbolizes the power and sharpness of the mind, which stands for the overview / helicopter view

The bee has a spiritual connection with the Goddess Diana. Stands for female force and cooperation, communication with the dead / deceased, reincarnation, prediction of the future
Stands for concentration

Grounding, control, passion, Smart, structured
Independent, brave Spiritual protection against dark energies
The badger has a balanced aggression that cannot be intimidated by others.

Brings peace and love is understanding and gentle
Being seen as a Spiritual messenger
Stands for communication between the two worlds

Spiritual helper, grace on waters, water energy
See through emotions

Rest between times of moving and not moving, ability to solve puzzles easily
Also pay attention because the squirrel is as a symbol: Warning, discovering, changeable and avoiding danger

The hedgehog stands for wisdom of female ancestors, defense against negativity, bon
vivant, and knowledge of weather patterns.

Magpie :
Look at the magpie’s behavior! He stands for: Insatiable curiosity
Likes to stand out in behavior and appearance, Social and human-loving, playful boy behavior, alert and brutal, intelligent, collector of all sorts of trash cans, lucky charm

Goose:  The Goose as a birth power animal

The goose stands for:
knowledge of the power of communication
Accompany others in the event of illness
Joy and Movement along the path of soul

People born between December 22 and January 20 are Capricorn according to Western astrology. According to the astrology of Mother Earth, the Goose is your Birth Animal and will be able to teach you a lot about your personal powers.


Ability to resolve (family) conflicts
Knowledge of the value of changes
Knowledge of the power of the voice
Creates a balance in dealing with others

Moves into other worlds Disconnects from selfishness
Ability to find back what has been lost.
Has dreams under control and
Fears fear

The cockroach has the speed to flee, moves through fears and understands others but also the knowledge of shadow (s)


mystery, magic, independence, curiosity, unpredictability and healing powers. often depicted in different cultures and beliefs with gods [in], ancient Egypt Scandinavia, Hindu tradition, often found in fairy tales or as a servant of witches.

The Frog sings and celebrates all beginnings, stands for birth and Rebirth as a reminder of all previous lives.
The frog is also a cleaner (emotional and energetic) stands for transformation
because it carries the knowledge of emotions
Receives hidden teachings and intuitive messages
Fast thinking
Moves through fears
Strength fertility, active during the day and at night, together with mouse the most hunted prey animal nature compensates for this through tremendous fertility. Ancient symbol of sexuality and fertility. Manifestation cycle of 28 days, that is based on the number of days that young rabbits cared for until they are independent. rabbits hopping and jumping movement in the lives of people with this totem will often show the same pattern and have no steady step-by-step character. It will often follow a cycle of a moon [28 days].

The crow is the shadow guide and also brings souls from dark to light.
Does the crow have the ability to move around in space and time and honors ancestors.
De Kraai works fearlessly in the dark and moves freely in every situation
Carries the awareness and knowledge of ethics and has the capacity to change form.

The jellyfish is very sensitive to water energy and emotions.
The jellyfish also understands that floating is often better than swimming during tiring emotional times.
The jellyfish uses its gentleness and ability to get out of entanglement.

Symbolizes your feelings, starting consciousness. Within Shamanism and like most Indians, animals are seen as totem animals or power animals. The spirit of the animal is central here as the spiritual teacher. This form of ‘magic’ can be used in rituals or in insight meditation. We limit ourselves here to animals that occur in the wild game tracks within the Netherlands.

The lion stare symbolizes the ego and self-awareness. The lion certainly also represents a generous character, but also passion, especially in the power where the developed mind curbs the wild energy!

The dragonfly is a symbol of transformation as a totem animal.
The dragonfly is an animal that is attributed by many special forces. From Japan to Sweden the dragonfly appears in stories and traditions and with the Indians on the American continent it counts as a totem. As a totem animal, the dragonfly stands for transformation and the ability to adapt to circumstances. When the dragonfly appears in your life, you are asked to think about illusions and bad habits and to be more playful in life. The dragonfly represents the deeper meaning of life, that which can be found beneath the surface.

The symbolism of the dragonfly:
The dragonfly belongs to the Odonata insect order and is characterized by two pairs of wings, a long slender abdomen and large eyes. Dragonflies can usually be found with (mainly) standing water. The oldest form of the dragonfly dates back to the Carboniferous, about 320 million years ago. In its current form, Libelles originated some 150 million years ago, in the Jurassic era. They have hardly changed since then. The dragonfly has been used as a symbol in cultures around the world for thousands of years.

The dragonfly as a totem animal in your life:
If the dragonfly appears as a totem animal in your life, you are about to undergo a transformation. The dragonfly changes color in its level and so does every person grow. By looking at yourself differently and organizing your life differently, you can go through a metamorphosis that brings you closer to your real self.

New opportunities:
Because the dragonfly can move in all directions, it stands for the endlessness of possibilities in life. The totem animal dragonfly asks you not to think in terms of limitations and to realize that these limitations are sometimes imposed by yourself. The flight of the dragonfly stands for progress, but also for flexibility. Embrace the airiness of the dragonfly, adapt to circumstances and do not take matters too heavily.

Breaking through illusions:
The dragonfly stands for spiritual growth and breaking through illusions. Not everything is as it seems and so you may wonder if how you present yourself is in line with who you really are or want to be. Maybe there are habits that you have to break in order to be yourself. Habits that you have imposed on yourself or that have arisen due to circumstances. Emotions play a major role, especially if they are emotions that you do not allow, or that are based on thoughts that do not correspond with reality. The dragonfly offers you a new perspective and the power to view your life from a distance. In addition, the dragonfly encourages you to show your own colors and to let your light shine.

Positive thoughts belong to the dragonfly. With a dragonfly as a totem, it is therefore not the intention to look for heavy, dark and heavy changes. The goal is precisely to investigate your emotions in a playful and cheerful way and to strive for authenticity. You can find positivity in everything, even though you sometimes have to search well. A dragonfly does not live long and is therefore a symbol for full embracing of life. Try to get everything out of it. Gratitude for all the beauty that comes your way and the lessons you learn help you with this.

The dragonfly is not only a light and elegant animal, it is also a powerful animal. With her small body and thin wings she only has to flap 30 times per minute to stay in the same place where other animals, such as mosquitoes and flies, need 600 to 1000 wing strokes per minute. The dragonfly thus achieves its goal in a simple and effective manner. As a totem animal, the dragonfly asks you to find your strength. Power in lightness, balance between emotions and thoughts and change.

Source: Walters Art Museum, Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain) Source: Walters Art Museum, Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

For the Native Americans, the dragonfly is a symbol of happiness, speed and purity. The dragonfly announces change. With the Dakota / Lakota the dragonfly stands for illusions and fata morganas because their wings move so fast that you cannot see them. The Lakota called on the dragonfly if they wanted to confuse their enemy. The Hopi Indians see the dragonfly as a bringer of happiness, fertility and abundance. In the Maya, the dragonfly stands for the god of creativity, Ix Chel, as well as the bearer of the soul of deceased ancestors.

The dragonfly does not have such a good name in Europe. In Sweden they were seen as a tool of the devil to weigh souls, in English they were associated with evil and pain, with the Romanians, Spaniards and Danes she appears in stories as a devil’s horse and in Portugal and In Norway they are also called eye stimulators. In the Celtic tradition, however, the dragonfly is associated with the fairy kingdom, whereby the dragonfly would serve as a horse for fairies, or even be a disguised fairy. In some stories they are associated with the power to see the truth. They would be magical and could move between different dimensions.

In the Chinese tradition the dragonfly is seen as a child of the wind. It stands for playfulness and change, but also for happiness, prosperity and harmony. By its name (qingting), which resembles the Chinese word for pure (qing), the dragonfly is also seen as a symbol for purity or purity. Due to its mobility, the dragonfly also stands for instability and weakness for the Chinese. In Feng Shui, where the dragonfly is a less frequently used symbol, the dragonfly is seen as a bringer of happiness, new insights and a new start. It is a symbol for prosperity, strength, change, wisdom and peace. The dragonfly is said to be the soul of the dragon in the modern world and thus the bearer of the ultimate happiness associated with the dragon.

In Japan, the dragonfly stands for strength, courage, light and happiness. It was used by the Samurai as a symbol of strength, agility and victory. The dragonfly is a renowned hunter and would never retreat. They never fly backwards. Popularism dictates that the dragonfly is the soul of a deceased ancestor who has returned to visit his loved ones. Japan itself is also called the island of the dragonfly (Akitsushima), because of the shape of the land that is reminiscent of the animal.

The Ladybug carries the gold that leads to the center of the universe
and to past lives
The ladybug stands for spiritual enlightenment, death and rebirth

De Lijster uses the knowledge of outer characteristics to be able to heal the inner.
De Lijster learns through experience is curious, haughty, territorial, overcomes fears and stands for intelligence.

The seagull is a spiritual messenger, is communicative and stands for responsible behavior and friendship and has the ability, just like the eagle, to view situations from a great distance.

De Mier is patient, a planner and has a lot of energy for working. De Moer is a real worker.
The ant also lives in a commune and reserves for the future.

The mole is a guardian of lower regions and has a strong connection with the energies of the earth, Knowledge of herbs, roots, minerals, seeds, rivers and other mysteries of the earth. The mole is also blind to the world of materialism, is sensitive to vibrations, has knowledge of energies and a very natural love.


The Mouse examines life lessons, is shy, has knowledge of details and sees the dual meaning of things.
The mouse provides guidance during contracting, can work unseen and stands for silence, invisibility is investigative.

The Mug uses water to transform, creates energy in itself and controls energy in one direction

The stork has all aspects of diversity, is inquisitive, has self-confidence, a multiple balance stands for decency.

The pair is the symbol for energy, action, vitality, life force.
The path is connected to different states of consciousness, is the symbol of the earth, has a camouflage poison, can change prosperity and stands for a long life.

The raven, not fear of being born again, is capable of breaking down what must be reformed / renewed. The raven is also capable of finding light in the darkness, has a brave self-reflection and self-perception.
De Raaf is comfortable with himself, honors his ancestors, has a connection with the berry.

The raven stands for changes in consciousness, a new appearance and eloquence.

The rat stands for fast production and lives unseen. The rat is a rodent who, after the food runs out, continues to eat new food elsewhere.
Furthermore, the rat stands for defense, intelligence and is a symbol for well-being.

Roe Deer:
A roe deer is gentle in words, thoughts and touches. The deer can also listen well, has grace and appreciation for the beauty of balance and possesses knowledge of what is needed to survive.
Furthermore, a deer is generous, stands for sacrifice for higher good and has a connection with the forest goddess.
The deer stands for alternative ways to pursue a goal.

the heron stands for all aspects of diversity, connections, is inquisitive and full of confidence.
The heron has many balanced skills and is proud.

The robin uses the power of singing, and with that joy and the robin possesses wisdom through change. The robin stands for fertility and rejuvenation. The robin is traditionally regarded as a special bird. According to a certain legend, a robin brought a thorn from the wreath of Christ on the cross. He stuck to his chest, causing it to turn red and this has always been the case. Robins are considered messengers of the spiritual world. Today, the many stories of robins appearing to grieving seem to confirm this theory.
The snail attaches great importance to continuing, sees the value of life on a trail. The snail also uses slow movements to take advantage of it and
sees and recognizes the value of the power of humor.

The Woodpecker has a deep connection with the earth and discovers hidden layers.
The woodpecker has knowledge of rhythm Cycles and patterns and warns !!!
De Specht stands for prophecy and has an association with thunder, the drummer of the earth.
The woodpecker will continue to investigate until the truth is revealed.

The spider is a master weaver and weaves the web weaver of destiny.
The spider stands for wisdom, creativity, divine inspiration and shape change.
Furthermore, the spider stands for knowledge of the pattern of illusion and female energy for the creative power of life.

The Starling represents the desire and manifests multiple loves in a life.
The Starling has the ability to use the power of singing and possesses all aspects of color.

The Grasshopper jumps around in space and time and acts in confidence. The Spirnkhaan jumps without knowing where he lands.
The Grasshopper stands for astral travel, crosses obstacles and takes new steps forward.
The grasshopper also has the ability to quickly change careers.

A tick stands for transmission and manifestation of ideas, for patience and
has the capacity to use heat and movement to see.
The tick is also very ingenious.

The Sphinxes symbolize the mysteries and dangers of life. A sphinx, or a man with a jackal’s head, symbolizes an idea and the spiritual.


A snake is the symbol for wisdom, fertility and life force. They represent the primordial energy of the subconscious. She also stands for healing and medical.

An out stands for (ancient) ancient wisdom, secrecy, the magic of the moon and freedom.
You can also connect an owl with silent and controlled movements and the owl has the ability to see through masks.
An owl can see well in the dark, but pay attention to the color of the owl’s eyes. There are three types of owls, a night owl, a day owl (orange eyes) and day owls (yellow eyes).
Owls are a messenger of signs and have the ability to change shape.
Owls have the link and connection between the invisible (dark) world and the world of light. An owl is comfortable with its own shadow.
The owl is the symbol of wisdom and the search for knowledge

The Falcon stands for healing the soul! The falcon guides souls to the soul world and is a true flight teacher. The falcon is also the acrobat of life and controls speed and movement and has knowledge of magic.

The fish adapts to the water and stands for children, harmony, regeneration and love.
The fish also stands for a balance between mind and emotion.

Shamanism stands for death and rebirth, innovative ideas, transition, initiation. The bat also sees past lives and possesses the knowledge of suffering.
The Bat uses sound vibrations and camouflage and invisibility.
The bat has the ability to observe unseen.
The fly stands for survival and has a “multi” vision and the
ability to turn waste into valuable things.
The fly stands for transformation.

One of the most beautiful animal symbols and messengers at soul level!
The butterfly possesses the power of a whirlwind, stands for reincarnation, transformation, mutation and

Butterflies symbolize transformation, they start their lives as caterpillars and then seem to die in their cocoons, before appearing again as a beautiful butterfly. The caterpillar teaches you, and there you lay well in the direction with your turmoil, PATIENCE, that everything comes to fruition when the time is right and not before. It is a time of preparation as plowing, sowing, growing and harvesting follow each other.

“People” say that butterflies and birds are the messengers from above.

When a butterfly or bird stands out because of its slightly different behavior, you know for sure that it is such a messenger. That is  a feeling . And maybe that could also be another animal.

For example, a butterfly can go a long way, follow unusually far and strange routes, or even sit on your shoulder or hand. A bird can also come remarkably close to you and stay there, without apparent fear.

It all still has to do with interpretation and how open you are to it.

A lot can be said about the butterfly. dreaminess, cheerfulness or grace. A flying butterfly is generally regarded as a liberating symbol. On a spiritual level, the butterfly is the symbol of the immortal soul and for the short-lived of life. The butterfly also symbolizes the three stages that the human soul goes through: life, death and resurrection.

The mind refers to the Greek name for butterfly “psyche” as the symbol for the human soul.
– His mythical meaning is connected to the soul of the survivor in search of reincarnation.
-A butterfly is the symbol of: beauty, transience, immortality, rebirth or transformation.
-It is a positive symbol of change and immortality, and the beauty born of apparent death (such as the lifeless looking cocoon).

A flea stands for metamorphosis and sensitivity to light.
Furthermore, a flea has the capacity to effect a birth through the use of light, vibration and the variation of air components.

Birds in general:

Symbol for truth, art and predictive gifts

Symbolism Birds:

Eagle– courage and strength
Eagle– inspiration, courage, healing, creativity
Pigeon– inspiration, motherhood, prediction
A D– well-being, protection
Magpie– intelligence, magic, paranormal ability
Jay– resourcefulness, adaptability
Goose– travel, quests, awakening
Vulture– death, rebirth, purification
Common Swift– speed, agility
Hawk– paranormal visions, protection
Kingfisher– prosperity, love
Turkey– courage and sacrifice
Cardinal bird– vitality, self-love, appreciation
Hummingbird– joy, fertility
Crow– intelligence, magic, combativeness, predictions
Crane– long life, creativity
Tit– truthfulness
Sparrow– victory, dignity, self-worth
Peacock– self-confidence and beauty
Raven– magic, creation, decisiveness
Robin– fertility, rejuvenation
Bluebird– be happy, be lucky
Woodpecker– rhythm, insight, healing love
Starling– protection, hope, close family, communication
owl– wisdom, prediction, healing, fertility
Wren– boldness, resourcefulness
White dove– peace and love
Swan– truth, beauty, self-knowledge

A fox can change shape, clever is observation skill. A fox is above all cunning and cunning, and secret. The fox possesses a camouflage skill is feminine and brave.
Invisibility is a characteristic of the nature of the fox and has the ability to observe unseen, is persistent. Although you wouldn’t say it, the fox is also  gentle  and quick and quick.

The wasp stands for the use of female energy to fight, sisterhood, knowledge of women’s groups and lives in commune. If you are allowed to encounter the wasp, make sure that you encounter a single wasp or several wasps together in an unusual place.


The Wolf symbolizes freedom, wild nature untamed.

The worm is the cleaner of the earth, finds satisfaction in the earth, stands for camouflage
And also the worm has the ability to wriggle itself out of unpleasant situations.

The seal stands for protection during changes and lucid dreams.
The seal symbol stands for protection against danger, movement within emotions
and creativity.

horse : The cute sea horse stands for fun. You will of course not encounter this on the street, but you will find it in dreams. The sea horse uses the power of dancing, has the ability to hold its own during emotional moments and regularly gives offspring. So you can also link this with fertility.

The swan can awaken the power within itself, has the knowledge of dream symbolism.
Also can look into the future, has the knowledge of spiritual evolution and the swan stands for the development of intuitive abilities.

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